Socially introspective

"Thank you for telling me how to swim, but please, show me how you do it".

9 ways to introspect with writing

Check out this article I posted on medium. It is very much about the examples of introspective writing. You will find all the techniques I presented in the course in one place. Try it yourself!


Jessica Richmond, psychotherapist

I first met Jessica in January 2015. It was in India, in Vraja Institute, where we both stayed to listen to philosophical teachings. When I first met her in the dining area, I had no idea who she was. Back then, I thought I of myself to be a highly elevated mystic and she seemed to me just as...


Introspective writing course published!

I am happy to announce that my first online course got finally published! That is a big day for me and I will celebrate it in Warsaw by attending a literature festival called Apostrophe. The preparation for the course started with notes like this: And before it was thoughtfully shapeless! I...