Becoming a student is the only way to proceed

"Thank you for telling me how to swim, but please, show me how you do it".


The courses you will see here are the result of applying their content on me. For example, if I teach introspective writing I first develop the tools and theory and then I use them as a student and record the process. So, besides explaining the subject I also engage in The Process of it.

My approach is "look where I stand, what is currently my challenge, and how I proceed" rather than "look what I know and how I did it, you can do the same". The curriculum is also not outlined as if it was a book but it is shaped by the way I went through the material, which makes the curriculum vitae, alive.

Take a look around. So far I have published only my debut course, it is called Introspective writing, and currently I am working on another one.

Jakub Godawa is an ongoing student with a half-half schedule. Half a year he lives in Poland doing retreats and the other half he spends in India trying to learn Sanskrit and philosophy. He is an author, coder, MSc, and a massage practitioner dedicated to promoting education, introspection, and devotion.