Introspective writing

Wish to spot your thoughts better? You like writing? Embark on an introspective journey!

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The benefits of introspective writing

  • Main ones
    • You get a clearer picture of what is going on within you
    • Your social life gets smoother and more meaningful
  • Secondary benefits
    • You can explore the patterns of your thinking and behaviour
    • It slowly transforms your negative auto-pilot
    • More in touch with your mind you
    • Get clues about the mental states of others too
    • You can get well surprised about your inner world
    • You become less reactive
    • Develop more control over the flow of your words
    • Learn how to deal with inner stuff with precision
    • See how to give up your wish for revenge
    • Regret less and make peace with the past
    • Adds to maturity
    • You realise when you hit the limit and you actually need someone’s else guidance
    • Be less affected by the problems of others
    • Be more understanding of why they have them
    • Develop empathy rather than sympathy
    • You start to gossip less
    • You complain less
    • You stop whining
    • You become playful towards human ambivalence
    • You start to feel who you want to hang out with and why
    • It boosts your immunity
    • You become less auto-aggressive
    • You know how to relax almost on demand
    • It gives physiological relief
    • Brings sense of calmness
    • It is a hygienic mental detox
    • Improves your communication
    • You are able to articulate and explain to another person what is happening within you
    • It helps in interdisciplinary thinking as you refresh some brain-paths
    • Makes it easier to study philosophy (and practice the one you believe in)
    • Saves time, money, and nerves
    • Decreases negative impulsivity and improves the positive quick decision making
    • Less never-ending talks or thought-parades
    • Reduces your distractions and time killing activities
    • You realise how much you really need to feel OK
    • You start to get things done in your favourite way and mood
    • You may figure out why you are stuck with something in life
    • It addresses self-doubt and indecisiveness
    • Many more benefits you will discover on your own

Nothing is recorded yet. It's my day zero. I sit on my bed with a laptop, the camera is off. I am about to start. I’ve been preparing this course for so long, the whole idea, a robust tool... I did workshops, consultations, I did retreats, and now I want to put it all together, online. That's my new challenge. That's what I want to deliver.

To make this course a valuable product for you I first had to introspect. I believe that before sharing any techniques or concepts of beneficial introspection one has to do it regularly him or herself.

How do I actually feel about it? Am I comfortable in my body? What is my mood? What does really drive me to do it? Is it a genuine desire for sharing of what I believe is valuable or is it my clingy wish of being heard? Am I trying to fill my emptiness or am I just doing my job?

Everything can be introspected. From the most trivial everyday thing to the most subtle esoteric nuance. Introspection serves us to figure out the motivation and the purpose behind everything we do.

Take a look at this introspective algorithm flowchart – an explanation of which you will find in one of the videos available in the preview (and do not get discouraged if do not like diagrams, that is the only one. Tap or click it to enlarge):Flowchart of Introspection to satisfy logical nature of the mind

In short, this is how it works: Introspection can be done only by oneself. And the thing is that either you do it by choice or life will push you to make that choice. To look within is inevitable. But even if you go for it, there are many possibilities to get stuck in the process. And this is why, as I got stuck many times during my last seven years of this practice, I want to share with you both the approach and the techniques for these moments where introspection becomes really uphill.

Being terrified is often a habitual response to the cruelty of the world that keeps us cosy in our little world of impotence.

In this course you will be presented ideas, benefits, techniques and examples, as well as the hygienic approach and inspiration for an introspective process. It is aimed to slowly improve your everyday dealings with your own mind and with the people around you.

Introspection relates to happiness. The method discussed here – introspective writing – can help you to articulate what keeps you away from being happy and engaged in a loving exchange with those you care for.

Introspection is one these things that cannot be done for your self by someone else, just like digesting and sleeping. Similarly there is nothing indulgent in a moderate meal or a well taken rest.

Whatever you believe your self to be: an abstract spirit, flesh and bone, or both, or none of them, that is up to you. This course will help you to both question and connect more with what you deeply identify with. It is all about giving you the tools for self-exploration so that you can increase your awareness in your daily life.

As mentioned earlier, this course encourages you to be involved. You can suggest the topics of the introspection and develop your own specific techniques. When I started doing this course I did not know exactly where it will take me, and now I am even more curious about where it is going.

So I'll start recording now...

Why introspect and feel good about it?

This course is delivered to you as an encapsulated journey. It brought me some significant benefits which I could not anticipate before embarking on it. By offering it as a well-packaged product, I believe it will facilitate such findings for you.

It may sound silly but it also motivates me. Travelling, meeting teachers, studying for months in remote places... Now I want to deliver it back to my culture. I met other "translators" while travelling and I am pretty much sure we have a lot in common. This kind of spark, or profile.

In this course you will learn nine techniques of introspective writing. Each of them is described by its usage, matching emotions, steps, example, and the expected outcome. As a bonus, I also shared one technique given to me by my therapist (as our sessions and my homework were happening during the time of preparation of this course).

Every video on the techniques has its practice and theory notes. There are plenty of short quizzes and at the end of each section you will find a set of introspective questions. You will also be given a handful of links to inspiring materials from other sources. The emotions wheel chart is also attached here and explained.

Anymore more? Yes! There is also a whole session with a career adviser recorded, so that you can witness another approach to introspection. An enormous advantage of this course is an expert interview on introspection with our two excellent guests! Again, both of them were recorded during the process of delivering this course so all the content here is chronological.

To wrap it up again, the entire course is composed of 36 lectures, that is:

  • Over six hours of videos,
  • More than twenty short quizzes,
  • Around eighty section-wrapping questions,
  • Recorded session with a career adviser,
  • Interview with experts in the field!
  • Detailed theory material, and

Add to it a 50-pages Introspective Writing Workbook that you can start filling up from day one!

Becoming a student is the only way to proceed

"Thank you for telling me how to swim, but please, show me how you do it".

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Your Instructor

Jakub Godawa
Jakub Godawa

I have been programming business logic, playing music, and learning philosophy together. For me, the quest for "self" opened with writing, softened with massage practice, and it currently flows on the path of love. I have an educative and introspective nature with a hopeful sense of humour. I invite you to the course.

(MSc, author, age 32)

Course Curriculum

Author's note

Did I make this course all of a sudden? Well, not really. In 2011, as it often happens, out of sheer misery I started to scribble in my notepad. After three years of doing so it came out that I my first book is ready. It got published in Poland by Novae Res in 2014 as a book that is not about introspection but is an introspective journey itself.

"I have hosted and participated in retreats with Kuba on yoga, massage, and writing, and I can recommend him as a great space holder and experience creator. He is very reliable and caring and respects his work and learning and is very committed to his path as both a teacher and a student."

Shannon May Powell, Writer and photographer

"Kuba is insightful and compassionate and his many virtues are showcased in this innovative course. Many of my students have participated in this innovative writing course and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Kuba touched their hearts and gave them practical skills for their search within."

– Robert Lindsey Jr, Co-Founder & Chairman of Trilogy Lacrosse

"Kuba is a very insightful person who asks good, deep questions of himself and others. It is a rare person who is humble enough to look at the painful parts of their mind and try to grow from that. Kuba not only did this, but he did it with humor and compassion for himself. I am sure he will do the same for his clients."

Jessica Richmond, Psychotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course so you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

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Introspective Writing Workbook

This Workbook that you will get along with the course is a place for your introspective dialogue with Woobie – the character that wants to get to know you better. The Workbook will ask you deep questions divided in four checkpoints: Randy, Alien, Shame, and Action. Every section will give you a proper introduction to the writing you will do. Here is an excerpt from the Workbook:

"Let's make ourselves a favour and take a hike down to the alien land. To the place where we often get dumbstruck, speechless, amazed, floored, awkward, and suddenly disappointed by someone else's spontaneous behaviour. To the place where we hear from others what they have never said, where we simply see people as they are not. Who knows, maybe we will find ourselves there too".

Work background

I worked as a backend developer in a social networking company called XING. Throughout the last six years I was also a third party for UEFA. During my masters I worked in a Polish jewellery company called YES where my software is still in everyday use.

All mentioned experiences, together with getting certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Reiki Master, and now being on my way for Coach accreditation, are combined to make a comprehensive and down to earth course on introspection.

Currently I study in Jiva Institute in India every half year for a half year also makes it philosophically stable. This course is a part of journey on a long continuum that is not finishing here.

I have also translated to Polish two books: From Taj to Vraj: A feminine spiritual odyssey by Gerda Staes, and The Hitopadesa, with commentary by Satyanarayana Dasa.

If you wish to check out my current retreats, see here:
Let's go to Poland and have a good time around writing, massage & yoga.

Once again, I wholeheartedly wish you a beneficial introspection and I encourage you to check almost an hour of free preview before deciding for the whole thing!