When a teacher is a student

Becoming a student is the only way to succeed. Sometimes my pride of knowing something or even a mere imagination of being superior takes my energy away. After writing an introduction to this course I went for a walk and I realised that I will not be able to finish or even properly begin this course unless I firmly start to see myself as a student. So, I am a student here and I will learn something. (Further notes below the video box).

The idea of it

"I am not able to introspect you”.

  1. The goal of introspection
    • Is to become aware of the workings of one's mind
  2. The introspective writing
    • Serves for better articulation of our mental states
    • It is a middle step from inner chaos towards a calm and reflective mind
    • It can be done with a friend, a mentor, or completely on your own
    • It is not limited to the famous “stream of consciousness writing”
  3. Introspective writing helps
    • To figure out why do we sometimes react in a surprising way
    • It narrows down our sense of care and develops honesty
    • It reveals our wishful thinking tendencies
    • It brings our focus on what we are actually able to do
    • To clarify the expectations we have from others
  4. It's effective
    • Especially when putting emotions into words becomes a hard task
    • In communicating to others what we think or feel
    • In clarifying our ideas, plans, and motivations
    • In reducing our dramatic outbursts
    • In restoring our sense of mental vitality
  5. It is a social activity!
    • It boosts our social life as we bring less unprocessed problems to a party
    • You can do it with your friends and have fun!
  6. Introspection is so natural
    • We all do it to some extend
    • It is awareness-oriented where solution is a side-effect
    • The ability to introspect builds up only through practice

Emotions chart

"This moment when he or she asks how do you feel and you blank on it..."

  1. The importance
    • Being able to name an emotion helps coping with it
    • Recognising our feelings opens us to empathy for others
  2. The chart
    • Emotions are divided into seven basic families
    • Then more specific emotions stem out of these
    • The ones in the most outer layer are even more specific
    • Reading it outside-in helps us to determine our basic feeling
    • We can look at the chart to finish a sentence "I feel..."

Emotions chart

Disclaimer: This chart I did not create on my own. I tried to locate the author but with no success. If this is you and the picture is here against your will then please let me know. If this is you and you like it here then please tell me and I will put your name right under it! Thank you.

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