Discipline is not punishment

Doing a “forced” introspection is a little bit of a non-sense, because the intensity of the “trying” can cover the real emotion or topic to be investigated. I usually introspect when there is either clear topic or emotion or when my therapist gives me homework. And also, if you leave me a response in the comment on what would you like me to introspect, I can consider doing this! I’m very open to your input! If I don't do introspective writing I rather go for creative writing or I just plain journaling. But if you keep track of the issues that come up in your life, usually there is something to tackle. So “disciplined” or “controlled” introspection doesn’t mean “forced” introspection. And yes, you can put yourself in the mood for doing it, the mood doesn’t have to “be there” all the time.

The benefits of introspective writing

"You can have a chocolate ice-cream".

  1. The main ones
    • You get a bigger picture of what is going on with you
    • Your social life gets better
  2. Secondary benefits
    • You can explore the patterns of your thinking and behaviour
      • It slowly transforms your negative auto-pilot
    • By being more in touch with your mind you get clues about the mental states of others also
    • You can get well surprised about your inner world
    • You become less reactive
      • Develop more control over the work-flow of your words even
      • Learn how to deal with inner stuff with precision
      • How to give up your wish for revenge
      • Regret less and make peace with the past
    • Adds to maturity
      • You realise when you hit the limit and you actually need someone’s else guidance
      • Be less affected by the problems of others
      • Be more understanding of why they have them
      • Develop empathy rather than sympathy
      • You start to gossip less
      • You complain less
      • You stop whining
      • You become playful towards human ambivalence
    • You start to feel who you want to hang out with and why
    • It boosts your immunity
      • You become less auto-aggressive
      • You know how to relax almost on demand
      • It gives physiological relief
        • Brings sense of calmness
        • It is a hygienic mental detox
    • Improves your communication
      • You are able to articulate and explain to another person what is happening within you
      • It helps in interdisciplinary thinking as you refresh some brain-paths
    • Makes it easier to study philosophy (and practice the one you believe in)
    • Saves time, money, and nerves
      • Decreases negative impulsivity and improves the positive quick decision making
      • Less never-ending talks or thought-parades
      • Reduces your distractions and time killing activities
      • You realise how much you really need to feel OK
      • You start to get things done in your favourite way and mood
    • You may figure out why you are stuck with something in life
    • It addresses self-doubt and indecisiveness
    • Many more benefits you will discover on your own

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