The battlefield technique

The battlefield technique is a rip-off of Bhagavad Gita scenery, where the warrior, Arjuna, is placed on the chariot in the midst of two armies and he starts to question himself and his friend, Krishna, on what is this war all about actually. It's a powerful story and this technique is not in one percent as powerful but still worthwhile. Check out how to fight for what is important for you instead of letting yourself down because of some negative beliefs.

The battlefield technique

  • Usage
    • Works for identifying what sort of thoughts keep you stuck in the process
    • Makes you click with an emotion that helps you engage in actual doing of your stuff
    • As any other addresses the direct relationship between thoughts, emotions, and action
    • When you realise you are a half-way kind of person
  • When you feel...
    • Nervous
    • Unsure
    • Unsupported
    • Challenged
    • Pressured
  • Steps
    1. Write in short what is your imaginary success
    2. Put down why you don't want to fail again and how would you feel if you actually did
    3. List one by one the believes you have that prevent you from doing what you want to do
    4. Now assign a name to each of the statements: who could tell them in your life?
    5. Count how many times each name comes up
    6. Now counter each of these phrases with a new, courageous one
    7. Again, assign a name for each of these statements: who would support you?
    8. Now put the first set of names on the left hand side and the other set on the right side
    9. Put a dot in between them. It will represent your position as if in the midst of two armies
    10. Now starting from the lowest in rank (number of statements uttered):
      • Write to each of your enemies that you will succeed (in a personalised way)
      • Write to each of your allies for the support (also depending of your unique relation with them)
  • Example
    • 1) Online course
      2) I just can't, I can't stand the idea of failing again. Loose against all that crap I have between my ears and with my own lazy ass. I need that success like a dying fish needs a cup of water. There is no return now. I know what I'm doing and now I just have to make it move!
      3) But these are my enemies:
      1. You fool! It's a stupid idea, you'll fail
      2. You're not educated in the field
      3. This will not give you the money
      4. They all wait to laugh at you
      5. You're just a desperate ass
      6. Take up a real job and be a man
      7. No woman will love you if you do it
      8. You're mental
      9. You're misusing spirituality
      10. You're a fag
      11. Family will hate you
      12. You're going to end up on a street
      13. Nobody's going to watch it
      14. Your another stupid idea
      15. You are nothing but a vulgar eccentric
      16. Pathetic clown, that's your profile

      6) Now the courageous responses:
      1. Man! That's always a niche! We're all unhappy sometimes!
      2. You have the right abilities! Learn and do more of what you do!
      3. That will be your base for your future workshops and books!
      4. Ignore the haters. You speak about important things from a fresh perspective
      5. I see you being determined and having a plan of action!
      6. You got to do what you love, my son!
      7. After sharing this only an extraordinary person will become your partner
      8. You're showing the way to those in need. Man, that's noble!
      9. You're making an awesome gift for your divine lover
      10. You have an outstanding sensitivity. Few people approach the world of feelings like you do
      11. We will, and we are, remember, be always proud of you!
      12. You'll meet amazing people on your path!
      13. Your transmission will reach directly to people's hearts!
      14. You're an inventor, just create!
      15. You capture and impersonate life's intricacies so well!
      16. Dude, you are original. You inspired me and I had fun!
  • Outcome
    • Brings out the crappy thinking that keeps you in the ass of the world
    • Reveals the enemies you carry within that keep you in doubt
    • Counters lack of confidence with devotion