A wannabe coach

This time the outline is very short as the video is not based on any of my previous notes. I'm just going to speak about these five topics:

  1. Interview I did
  2. Being a part of the team
  3. Course pricing dilemma
  4. Coaching career proposition
  5. Out for the temples with a friend

Disclaimer: You may wonder why there are no many pricing options as I mentioned in this video. Well, that's one of the conclusions I got at the end of the course. I simplified the pricing list and added a note after it.

I think that all this subject of money is a really interesting one. First, because most of us grew up in this model of such dealing with products and services. Other is that all around the world people have such different incomes. I remember one trip in Mathura, India, where one acquaintance from New York told me that a bottle of water can cost even $8 over there... and she didn't mean the airport or a nightclub. She got it here on the street for $0.25 and was quite amazed.

Another thing is that I listened to the experts on Teachable itself and they say clearly that no course should be cheaper than $100. Of course they target the US market, I believe. They present a calculation by which my course should be priced around $349. But that's too much in my understanding. After all I need to feel good with the price. Where "I come from", Poland, Spain, and Berlin, this would be too much. So one morning I woke up and I knew the final price will be $129, and $179 with a 1on1 consultancy option.

Really, money it's an introspective topic in itself and in the last video, "Falling innocence", I got a heavy lesson about it! Check it out!